• Regular mail is disrupted due to COVID-19
  • We use Fedex, UPS, TNT, Aramex and Dpex for faster shipping
  • Discounted international EXPRESS shipping for orders US$100+

Coronavirus: Delays in all international shipments

COVID-19 has severely impacted international movement of people and goods as countries implement additional border controls and restrictions on international travel. As a result, airlines have drastically reduced international services, leading to a significant reduction in air freight capacity and frequency to all international destinations.

In view of the substantial reduction in flight frequencies or even cancellation of flights to destinations by airlines, buyers may consider using Fedex, USP, TNT, Dpex and Aramex. Please DO NOT use any post services provided by Quantium or HK Post (except SpeedPost) if you are not prepared for the long wait.  

Stay home, be safe & enjoy crafting with your family! :)

Information on shipping (updated on 14 May):

Shipping Time:  
- Fedex, UPS and TNT: Fastest, shipping takes around 3-10 days, please do not provide PO Box address
- Aramex, Dpex and SpeedPost: Delayed, shipping time is around 1-3 weeks
- Quantium, HK Post (except SpeedPost): No regular shipping for most destinations. Be prepared for the long wait if you select Quantium or HK Post.

Discounted Fedex / UPS / TNT shipping to USA (except Puerto Rico) , UK, Australia & New Zealand: 
- at US$15 for order over US$100
- at US$10 for order over US$150
- free for order over US$250

Discounted EXPRESS shipping rate to Asia (except Japan, India, Philippines and Vietnam):
- at US$10 for order over US$100
- at US$5 for order over US$150
- free for order over US$200
- ship by Fedex, UPS, TNT, Aramex, Dpex or SpeedPost.

Discounted EXPRESS shipping rate to rest of the world:
- from US$15 to US$25 for order over US$150
- free for order over US$300
- ship by Fedex, UPS, TNT, Aramex, Dpex or SpeedPost.

1. Estimated shipping or delivery date provided on the checkout and tracking pages is no longer accurate, as it doesn't take the issue of pandemic in account.
2. We may have your shipping switched between or upgraded to Fedex, UPS, TNT depends on the time you submit the order and the collection time of the couriers, to ensure your parcel can be picked up as soon as possible. If there is any couriers you do not want to use, do drop us a note when you submit the order.

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Emily Maxwell Mar 31, 2020

Hi, I placed an order at the start of this month and have heard nothing since. My order number is 47256. Is there any update?

Ashley Mar 31, 2020

Hi Emily, your order has been dispatched on 2 April and is being processed by Quantium. However, as we have explained above, shipping time by Quantium and HK Post will take much longer than expected because of the limitation of flight. So we recommend to use UPS, Aramex and Dpex.

Hilari Bissette Mar 31, 2020

Hello, I placed an order on the 23rd March; over 4 weeks ago, and I am still awaiting my order. I understand that with regard to the pandemic, services are hampered, however this is coming up to the 5th week now! Can you please give me an update or least let me know if my order was sent. I did have the order confirmed, as well as the fact that I paid an additional sum for ‘Express Delivery’. My order number: 47089.

Nicole Mar 31, 2020

Hello, I placed an order March 23, we are now approaching May. My order has not moved and I’ve tried to contact your company multiple times to find out what’s going on with my order. Some answers would be great !

Ashley Mar 31, 2020

Hi Hilari,

Here is the tracking information of your parcel:

The shipping method you selected is e-express which is a shipping offer by HK post which is a little bit faster than regular airmail, but not express mail. Express mail offered by HK Post called SpeedPost and the rate starts from US$30-40.

Due to the limitation of flight capacity, most parcel were stuck at the airport waiting to get departed and your parcel let Hong Kong on 27 April.

Ashley Mar 31, 2020

Hi Nicole,

If you have emailed us, you must have gotten a reply from us as email is the fastest way to get reply from us. So, please check your spam folder if you haven’t got any reply from us.


Jessica Mar 31, 2020

Good morning. I placed an order on March 23rd. It marked as shipped the 25th. Since then, it has been sitting in customs. While I am aware of the COVID delays, & all updates above. It’s been a month & 10 days. Delays & straight up non movement are totally different. I have ordered from here before & was pleased but this is a bit out of hand. Especially since HKpost was still an option during my checkout AND this was waaaay before things got as bad as they are & there was no “suggestion” to use a better post option during my purchase. May I also suggest a customer service Email, because it’s impossible to get ahold of someone other than this forum.

Cherie Morlock Mar 31, 2020

My order # is 47295 placed on April 2. I believe that I chose HK post, I know I am looking at a lengthy delay, and I am patient. I just have 2 questions regarding my order. First, would it be a safe guess that it might be here in the next 3 weeks if flights become more frequent? Second, When I make another order soon (knowing delay in arrival is likely) I do not recall seeing Fedex and UPS on my shipping choice page. Is there a specific choice (NOT ridiculous expensive) that would be shipped to US the fastest? I ask because my average order total is $20-35 before shipping charges. I am on a budget and try to Keep my TOTAL purchase + shipping $50 or less. But if shipping cost is $50 for a order total if $10, I will refrain from ordering til everything is back to normal or you guys implement a %off discount coupon for orders less than $100 that we can get by cashing in reward points (at least while the pandemic still effects shipping. Like I said I have NO problem waiting, but I will not pay more in shipping that costs of items I order.

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