Membership & Rewards

Everybody love discount! So we have introduced a membership system and reward program in our official website to make sure everybody could be benefited!



More than 30% off

No need to buy in bulk! Join our membership to get more than 30% off!

Most of the shops offer wholesale discount only for bulk purchase. We understood not everyone need 10 packs or more of the same listing even though you own a shop that sells your works, but you need craft supplies every month.

Therefore, we came up with the idea of membership and we allow our members to buy any items in our store with their monthly coupon at a discounted price. See details below:


3 Months Membership

(16% off, you save US$15 + gifts)

Get US$30 Coupon / Month

Exclusive Gifts

Cost at US$25 / Month

(Total US$75)

6 Months Membership

(23% off, you save US$42 + gifts)

Get US$30 Coupon / Month

Exclusive Gifts

Cost at US$23 / Month

(Total US$138)

12 Months Membership

(33% off, you save US$120 + gifts)

Get US$30 Coupon / Month

Exclusive Gifts

Cost at US$20 / Month

(Total US$240)



1. Once you submitted the order of the subscription, we will send you a set of monthly coupon depends on the type of membership you joined. Coupon can be used as soon as we confirm your subscription, that is, if you join the 3 months membership on 14 May, 2016, you will get three coupons: coupon of May, coupon of June & coupon of July.

2. All coupons are valid for one month, that is, the coupon of June is valid for June, and the coupon of July is valid for July, etc.

3. You can use the coupons to buy any items in our store, there is no restriction, you can even buy on sale / discounted items with the coupons.

4. Exclusive gift will be shipped out together with your order of that month.

5. This is a limited offer and each customer is allowed to join one membership only.

6. You can purchase more than the value of the coupon, just pay the difference during the checkout. However, if you buy less than the value of the coupon, we cannot refund the difference.

7. Coupons cannot be used to pay shipping fee.

8. Cancellation of membership is not allowed during the period subscribed. Moreover, there is no auto-renew and so you will never be billed automatically after your subscription expired. However, we will have exclusive renewal deal for our members who subscribed to the 12 months membership and details will be sent to those members individually.

9. Purchases on membership will not be counted in the reward program below and therefore no point will be granted (any points granted from the purchase of membership will be deducted from your account). Only the difference on price during checkout will be used in the calculation of reward points. Example, if the value of your cart is US$35, you use the monthly coupon US$30, the difference on price is US$5, and you will get 50 reward points when your order is fulfilled.



Earn reward points (a.k.a sweet points) by creating an account or making a purchase. Check below for the details:


How do I join the reward program?

Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you don't have one, you can create a store account to join and get 50 sweet points.


How do I earn Sweet Points?

1. Get 50 Sweet Points by creating a store account.

2. Earn 10 Sweet Points for every $1 USD you spend excluding any shipping fees, taxes or purchases of gift cards, membership and wholesales.


How do I check my balance and redeem rewards?

Your reward points will be automically shown at the top right corner of the store when you login. Click on your points and go to the Redeem tab to redeem the coupon.

For every 100 Sweet Points, you can redeem a $1 USD coupon (max. value of one coupon is $5USD)


How do I use my rewards?

Rewards are issued as discount codes that can be applied on the payment page during checkout (only one discount code per order).


When do I earn Sweet Points when I make a purchase?

Points would be earned when "Fulfillment Status" becomes "Fulfilled".

Note: reward program is not available in our Etsy shop and your order(s) in Etsy will not be counted.



Free Shipping

Check here for more information about free shipping.