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10 Photos of the Year!

Thanks so much for tagging us during the year 2016-17. As this is the month of celebrating the 1st anniversary of our official website, we have selected 10 photos of the year (May 2016 to April 2017) 🎉

We have reposted all the photos on our Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/miniaturesweethk/) and please give your favorite photo a like as a vote 👍The most liked photo will win a US$50 shop coupon🥇and we will reward 3 voters (pick randomly) with US$10 shop coupon each 😉There is no limited number of vote and the voting ends at 8:00am EST on 16 May.

If you have made something with our products and wanna join our next contest (May 2017 to April 2018), tag your creation with #miniaturesweethk We will pick 10 photos every year. Each selected photo will be rewarded with a US$10 shop coupon and winner of the year will get another US$50 coupon. Don't miss it! 😘

Now please go to our Instagram to vote for your favorite photo(s) and win the US$10 (total 3 voters will be picked). Good luck!

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Meme Abush May 11, 2017

Can I tag miniature sweet in Crafty Amino with the hashtag #miniaturesweethk. Or does it have to in a instagram. I want to see my creation on your website.

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