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DIY Miniature Candy Jars with Candy Canes & Meringues

I love miniature things and I love everything that is sweet 😋

It's interesting that I have made a lot of candies / sweets with resin or clay, but never had a chance to make the real ones 😅 If you know any sweets that is easy to make, do comment below to let me know 😄

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Below is the list of the materials used in this video:
Polymer Clay: https://bit.ly/3l3xlLv
Polymer Clay Cutter: https://bit.ly/3rDUlC2
9cm Square Glass: https://bit.ly/3x3zCc4
Candy Jar Mold (Tall): https://bit.ly/3iNUcrG
Candy Jar Mold (Short): https://bit.ly/3yczokd
UV Resin: https://bit.ly/375PDne
UV Light: https://bit.ly/3iV4BSz
Meringues Mold: https://bit.ly/3i5AJUi
Miniature Gumball: https://bit.ly/3BIs9mp
Miniature Bear Lollipop: https://bit.ly/3zFdEOn

You Know It's True (Instrumental Version) - Gloria Tells

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