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How to Use: Reusable resin / Moldable Plastic

Reusable resin / moldable plastic is soft and shapeable like clay when heated, and strong once cool down. It's reusable, just heat it up again and it will become soft and can be molded again and again for many times.

Why reusable resin?

It's eco-friendly as you can reuse the same material for many times. For example, you can turn a Halloween piece into a Christmas piece, and then melt it again to make Easter item, you can change the shape of the jewelry you are tired of and make different jewelry piece using exactly the same material.

Other than crafting, you can use it to make grips, prototypes, replacement parts, etc. You will be amazed at the endless ideas of this product!

Reusable resin / moldable plastic (100g): https://bit.ly/3o48pBR
Dangle earrrings mold: https://bit.ly/3o4Z64C
Silicone pen: https://bit.ly/2JnYubU
Silicone mat: https://bit.ly/2VriBbw
Pigment: https://bit.ly/39COOoE

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

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Cathey DeRosa Dec 02, 2020

I love your products and have been with you for a few years now. I have a very decent sized stash of MS mini wonders and a lot of UV Resin items as well.
I know you guys have been experiencing higher shipping rates. I was always so grateful for your low shipping rates. We are having the same issues with postage in the USA.
I am on low income and live in government housing. I have to send packages to my grandchildren on a regular basis as they live very far from me. That takes up a large part of my monthly income.
At this time, I cannot ad almost $15.00 US to an order. I am sad about this. You have some of the best items for my projects. It may be that your charges are not so bad if things keep up this way. In the meantime, I am going to have to order very small orders. Thank you for your efficiency, quality of products and in all my orders, I have never had a problem. Keep up the good work. I’m not leaving, I just have to be careful of what I spend.
Good luck, Miniature Sweets. You do this very well.
Cathey D

Cathey DeRosa Dec 02, 2020

Above this is the comment I posted, but not 12/02/2020, but Thursday,
Thank you for fixing this.

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