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How to Use: Reusable resin / Moldable Plastic

Reusable resin / moldable plastic is soft and shapeable like clay when heated, and strong once cool down. It's reusable, just heat it up again and it will become soft and can be molded again and again for many times.

Why reusable resin?

It's eco-friendly as you can reuse the same material for many times. For example, you can turn a Halloween piece into a Christmas piece, and then melt it again to make Easter item, you can change the shape of the jewelry you are tired of and make different jewelry piece using exactly the same material.

Other than crafting, you can use it to make grips, prototypes, replacement parts, etc. You will be amazed at the endless ideas of this product!

Reusable resin / moldable plastic (100g): https://bit.ly/3o48pBR
Dangle earrrings mold: https://bit.ly/3o4Z64C
Silicone pen: https://bit.ly/2JnYubU
Silicone mat: https://bit.ly/2VriBbw
Pigment: https://bit.ly/39COOoE

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

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