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Make Your Own Jar With Resin | DIY Home Items with Epoxy Resin

I made a total of 4 resin jars in totally different style. Below are the links to the other 2 jars in case you missed them:


I love working with resin as you can make almost everything with it. I start using resin to make decorative items like cabochons, jewelry, and now I am making practical things like coaster, jar, etc, with resin. And I believe the list will go on.

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Below are the materials I used in the video:

1. Round Flower Jar:
UV Resin: https://bit.ly/3zBFGv5
Small Silicone Cup: https://bit.ly/36doLBn
Leaf Mold: https://bit.ly/3qKzJro
White Pigment: https://bit.ly/3hePwM8
UV Lamp: https://bit.ly/2Ua9pL9
Floating Glitter: https://bit.ly/3dHfQMw
250ml Silicone Cup: https://bit.ly/3xoBIV6
Round Jar Mold: https://bit.ly/3xhsx8Q
Flower and Leaf Stickers: https://bit.ly/3hzObOW
Embellishment Mold: https://bit.ly/3wj1pEQ

2. Hexagon Jar:
Color Shifting Pigment Powder: https://bit.ly/3Ap7qU5
Paint Brushes: https://bit.ly/360de8e
Hexagon Jar Mold: https://bit.ly/3hxGKI8
250ml Silicone Cup: https://bit.ly/3xoBIV6
Gold Leaf: https://bit.ly/3qyrYVo
Gold Glitter: https://bit.ly/3jFxpAF
UV Resin: https://bit.ly/3zBFGv5
Cat Metal Piece: https://bit.ly/3xhWwxl
Round Rhinestones: https://bit.ly/3ymrlRr
Moon Rhinestone: https://bit.ly/2UioMBj
UV Torch: https://bit.ly/3hnProf
Silicone Pen: https://bit.ly/3hh3FZ0
Gold Ribbon Embellishment: https://bit.ly/3AtDhTC
Heart Rhinestone: https://bit.ly/2SNqJ8p

Music Credit:
Life of Finn - Alice Spence - www.epidemicsound.com
Best of Friends - www.purple-planet.com
Love - www.bensound.com

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