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Miniature Fruit Popsicle with Frosted Effect

Miniature strawberry popsicle with frosted effect ❄️

Materials used in this tutorial:
UV Resin 60g (Clear): https://bit.ly/349DYk9
Opaque UV Resin (Beige): https://bit.ly/33e3hjZ
Popsicle Mold: https://bit.ly/2qupNb4
Matte Sealer: https://bit.ly/2OIx3Iu
Strawberry Cane: https://bit.ly/35rjeVh
White Pigment: https://bit.ly/2QIiXJu
Pink Pigment: https://bit.ly/35sAglW
Silicone Mixing Cup: https://bit.ly/2QRvScr

Music by: www.purple-planet.com

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