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Super Easy Way to Make Resin Galaxy Sphere

Super easy way to make resin galaxy sphere with the help of galaxy swirl mold. The mold is very easy to use and it gives a really stunning and neat result.
In this video, you will learn a technique to make a shell which can help to avoid the seeping of resin when you need to do layers.

Materials used in this tutorial:

UV Resin 60g: https://bit.ly/349DYk9
Galaxy Swirl Mold: https://bit.ly/35qQ8FO
Sphere Mold: https://bit.ly/35qylyl
Pearlescent Mermaid Pigment: https://bit.ly/2D8LujC
White Pigment: https://bit.ly/2QIiXJu
Blue Pigment: https://bit.ly/2QDD5fX
Mermaid Pearl: https://bit.ly/33aFXDN
White Glitter: https://bit.ly/2DiyBUh
Silicone Mixing Cup: https://bit.ly/2QRvScr
Silicone Pen: https://bit.ly/2XJD0ZK

Music from Apple iMovie

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