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UV Resin Jewelry Tutorial: Shakable Candy Bag

I am going to make several tutorials of UV resin jewelry. This one is inspired by the posts of candy color ticket that I found on Pinterest but this candy bag I made is SHAKABLE!! 🙂

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Below are the materials I used:

UV resin: https://goo.gl/vF4k5z
Silicone brush: https://goo.gl/ieMYHJ
Candy mold: https://goo.gl/z5GDoF
Whip cream mold: https://goo.gl/KlQ6w6
Glitters: https://goo.gl/dvKixn
Hand drill: https://goo.gl/lx8jns
Screw eye pins: https://goo.gl/aWfM6Y
Jump rings: https://goo.gl/Hsg3g2
Small lobster clasps: https://goo.gl/TCGvW1
Big lobster clasps / Key chain findings: https://goo.gl/5XT2ER

Fake Candies:
Polymer clay candies: https://goo.gl/DZIBP0
Colorful sprinkles: https://goo.gl/6Ajz7j
Miniature Bubblegum: https://goo.gl/kZevKi
Colorful acrylic beads: https://goo.gl/9lAIio
Mini cream white pearl: https://goo.gl/5PQy0Y

- Please use gloves when you apply the UV resin on the plastic bag as this part is a little bit messy
- I recommend to use a powerful UV light for this project so you can cure the resin faster and therefore hold the shape of the UV resin before it leaks to the sides.

Music Credit: The Jazz Piano from Bensound


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Penemuel Apr 29, 2017

This is such a great idea!

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