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What type of product do you want MiniatureSweet to carry?

We have already over 8,000 products until now and we keep uploading new products almost everyday in order to satisfy all your crafting needs. So, why not to have you all involved and give us some ideas on what do you want us to carry in MiniatureSweet?

You can suggest us any products that you cannot find in our shop and would like us to carry (we offer bonus entry if you have great idea!), or tell us which products you liked the most in MiniatureSweet, or what craft supplies you cannot live without, etc.

Come on and let's build MiniatureSweet together! One lucky entrant will get a US$50 coupon for our official store! :)

What type of product do you want MiniatureSweet to carry?

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Mariah Donnison Sep 23, 2016

More colourful bezels, or bezel moulds :)

Jolene lai Sep 23, 2016

More diy kits (diy slime kits, squishy kits,putty kits and resin kits dor beginners)???

Anjo Sep 23, 2016

Is it possible to have some puffy paper kits like that can be used to decorate your door or maybe a special card for someone special.

Shelby J. Sep 23, 2016

I think it would be nice if packaging supplies were available. Some things like washi tapes, cute little packages and more. And maybe cute ribbons and more! Just an idea……

candyswirlkawaii Sep 23, 2016

more magical princess, ballet, & fairy cabachons!!!!!!!

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